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VESTNIK MGSU (Scientific and Engineering Journal for Construction and Architecture)
ISSN 2304-6600 (Online), ISSN 1997-0935 (Print)
Scientific and Engineering Journal for Construction and Architecture
Founded in 2005, the first issue released in September 2006.
Scientific and Engineering Monthly
Founded by:
The RF State Educational Institution «National Moscow State University of Civil Engineering» (National Research University), ASV Publishers PLC
Published by: MGSU National Research University
Editor-in-Chief: V.I. Telichenko, academician, Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences, D.Sc. in Engineering, Professor, MGSU National Research University President
Listed with the All-Russian Certification Committee Register of peer-reviewed scientific publication media for main results of doctoral theses by discipline and specialty group, including:
05.23.00 – Construction and Architecture;
05.02.00 – Mechanical and Theoretical Engineering;
05.13.00 – IT, Computer Engineering and Management;
05.26.00 – Safety of Human Activities;
08.00.00 – Economic Sciences.
The scientific and information support is provided by The RF Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences (AACS) and International public organization of assistance to construction education (ASV)
The pre-publication process is run at MISI-MGSU Publishers.
The web-site of the Journal provides an open-source and open-license media for all publications, which are available for reading, referencing, copying and processing for scientific purposes providing the related authors, publications and the Journal itself are properly referenced. No commercial use is allowed except on a special permission by the Publisher.
In September 2016, MGSU National Research University became member of CrossRef platform-based Publishers International Linking Association, Inc. (PILA)
Original papers published in the Journal are designated unique DOI (Digital Object Identifier) identifiers for easy metadata and location search for full-text materials. DOI is a web-based scientific content identification system.
CrossRef is an independent entity established in 2000 by the scientific publishers group initiative. The technology design was initiated by Wiley Publishers. The DOI Linking Technology is the property of The CrossRef Agency.
Publishers International Linking Association (PILA) is the CrossRef administration structure, aggregator, DOI registrar and the international scientific paper and metadata database service (www.crossref.org). As of today, the database contains dozens of millions of scientific papers.
This technology provides the international CrossRef Platform for convenience of presenting the Journal information, including the scientific paper full-text web-versions to the world scientific community in a proper way. In addition, it provides an easy search for scientific information for highest scientific awareness of the authors of the published papers. For example, if a Russian author's paper is designated a DOI and if the same is referenced in a foreign colleague's publication in a journal, which is registered with Web of Science and Scopus, such paper will automatically find its way into these databases and be designated a unique scientific citation index.
All journals indexed in the Web of Science Scientific Citation Index Database and most of the periodicals indexed in the Scopus International Database have unique DOI’S.
The DOI designation is an evidence of the highest scientific quality and an essential component of an effective scientific communication, networking and exchange.
Registered with the RF Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Communications (ROSKOMNADZOR). Registration Certificate ПИ №ФС77-63119 of 18 September 2015 (supersedes earlier Registration Certificates ПИ №ФС77-47141 of 3 November 2011 and ПИ № ФС 77-21435 of 30 June 2005).