Construction Material Engineering


Vestnik MGSU 6/2018 Volume 13
  • Lobodenko Evgeniy Aleksandrovich - «Build Fast Technologies» Deputy Executive Director for Technical Development and Control, «Build Fast Technologies», 32 Gorkogo st., Elektrostal, Moscow region, 144002, Russian Federation.
  • Mikhailova Elena Vladimirovna - «Evonik Industries AG» Technical Support Manager, «Evonik Industries AG», «Evonik Industries AG», bldg. 5, 14 Kozhevnicheskaya st., Moscow, 115114, Russian Federation.
  • Gusev Konstantin Viktorovich - «Polykompozit» Head of Technology and Quality Department, «Polykompozit», 3 Novatorov st., Pskov, 180000, Russian Federation.

Pages 740-747

Subject: the research was carried out in the field of production of reinforced cellular concrete of autoclave hardening (aerated concrete). As initial data, we present joint experimental studies on selection of reinforcing material performed by the enterprises producing aerated concrete (town of Electrostal) and composite reinforcement (city of Pskov). Research objectives: the research task is reduced to selection of the material alternative to metal reinforcement, which will reduce the technological cycle of manufacturing of reinforced cellular concrete products, facilitate the structure’s weight reduction and increase the life cycle of the product. Materials and methods: we consider the use of composite reinforcement made with application of various hardeners (e.g., anhydride and aliphatic amine) that influence the behavior of the composite in a medium of autoclaved cellular concrete (ACC) (alkaline reaction medium, conditions of increased heat resistance). Results: the results of the performed studies showed the existence of the possibility of reinforcing element replacement in the production of autoclaved cellular aerated concrete. Conclusions: on the basis of the tests carried out, it was decided to continue laboratory studies for heat resistance of composite reinforcement with the use of amine hardener in a medium of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC). It is also noted that this work was carried out for the first time, being valuable in improving the existing production technology of reinforced aerated concrete.

DOI: 10.22227/1997-0935.2018.6.740-747


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